Honda CRF110F (JE02) 2019-2022

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Honda CRF110F (JE02) 2019
Honda CRF110F photo. (Model : JE02).
Release date: 2019-02-01. Color: Extreme Red

Honda CRF110F is a model exclusively for off-road driving released in February 1 (Friday), 2019 (first introduction in Japan. It has been sold overseas for a long time). Honda's off-road-only model had a CRF50F in the bottom end lineup, and in 2018, the CRF125F was on top of that. Filling in the gap between these two motorcycles, the CRF110F was set as a step-up from the CRF50F and a link to the CRF125F. The installed engine is an air-cooled 4-stroke single cylinder based on the Super Cub 110, and it is also combined with a 4-speed transmission with an automatic centrifugal clutch. As the CRF series equipped with a horizontal engine for turnips, it is the first model since the CRF70F and uses the same compact 14-inch front and 12-inch rear wheels as the CRF70F. This size alone puts it between the 10-inch front and rear CRF50F and the 19-inch front and 16-inch rear CRF125F. *Public road driving, number acquisition is not possible.

2022 Honda CRF110F White
Picture of Honda CRF110F Model Year 2022/2023.
Body Colour: White

The Honda CRF50F/CRF125F, dedicated off-road driving models, are popular as models that both beginners and experienced riders can enjoy off-road driving with a lineup that matches the engine displacement, such as a powerful and easy-to-handle engine and a compact and easy-to-handle body size. As an intermediate model between the CRF50F and CRF125F, the Honda CRF110F has been newly added to the lineup for users aiming to step up from the CRF50F. An air-cooled 4-stroke OHC single-cylinder engine with powerful and easy-to-handle output characteristics that uses an electronically controlled fuel injection device (PGM-FI) is mounted on a body that is easy to handle, making it a model that can easily enjoy off-road driving. increase. In addition, in addition to the kick-type engine starting method, a self-starter has been added to make starting the engine easier.

The Honda CRF125F has newly adopted an electronically controlled fuel injection system in order to make the output characteristics easier to handle. By adopting a newly designed frame and a front suspension with increased stroke, it has improved off-road handling and running performance. The coloring of both models is extreme red, following the image of Honda's motocross machine "CRF450R".

Honda CRF110F Main Features

Honda CRF110F Engine Features


    Equipped with an electronically controlled fuel injection system that achieves excellent environmental performance and powerful, easy-to-handle output characteristics. Fuel injection means the CRF110F starts right up, even in cold weather. Compared to a carbureted bike, it also helps reduce emissions and enhance performance and fuel efficiency. And say goodbye to clogged pilot jets when you put this bike away for storage.
    Employs a self-starter (with a kick type) that makes it easy to start the engine and provides peace of mind even when the engine stops unexpectedly.
    Uses an automatic centrifugal clutch that is easy to operate. There’s no clutch lever for new riders to master, and that means no stalling. In addition, the smooth transmission offers four gear ratios. All you do is shift with your foot.


  • A newly designed backbone-type twin-pipe frame was adopted to achieve a compact body that is easy to handle even for users stepping up from the CRF50F, while also pursuing steering stability on off-road.
  • Styling and coloring that follow the image of Honda's latest motocross machine CRF450R.


  • Equipped with a fuel reserve indicator next to the main switch to let you know when the remaining amount of fuel is low.
  • Equipped with an LED lamp on the starter switch to indicate whether the ignition is on/off or whether the electronically controlled fuel injection system is malfunctioning.


    Just like the pros use, the CRF110F gets upgraded, half-waffle pattern grips. It’s a typical Honda detail, a big-bike feature that shows how seriously we take all our models.
    It’s important to have a bike that’s sized right for your rider. The CRF110F’s low seat height helps build confidence right from the start. Its seat height fits nicely between the CRF50F and CRF125F.

Other Features of Honda CRF110F Model Year 2022

  • New graphics that follow the flow of the CRF series competition model
  • Powerful driving across the entire range and easy handling. Furthermore, the air-cooled 4-stroke 110cc engine realizes tenacious driving in the low and medium speed range and thoroughly pursues the fun of handling.
  • 4-speed transmission that matches the torqueful engine characteristics.
  • A lightweight and highly rigid twin-pipe frame that follows the flow of the CRF series.
  • 3.7L capacity fuel tank with ratchet cap
  • Fuel reserve indicator lamp to let you know when fuel is running low
  • Telescopic front suspension (*Cushion stroke 100mm) and cantilever type rear suspension (*Axle travel 97mm) with inner tube diameter of φ31mm to pursue road-following performance
  • Off-road tires with 14-inch front wheels and 12-inch rear wheels
  • Electronically controlled fuel injection system "PGM-FI" that reduces fuel consumption and cleans exhaust gas
  • Half-waffle shape grip that focuses on grip comfort and operability
  • Ignition key switch that displays injection abnormalities with LEDs and prevents accidental starting of the engine
  • Weight limit 45kg or less

Adopted self-starter and full-scale suspension.
Pursued performance that allows you to enjoy the real thrill of motocross.

2022 Honda CRF110F Price

Manufacturer's suggested retail price (including 8% consumption tax) in 2022 : 275,000 yen or $2,599. (250,000 yen without consumption tax).

  • Prices (including recycling costs) do not include insurance premiums, taxes (excluding consumption tax), registration fees, etc.
  • This CRF series cannot be driven on public roads or in places used for general traffic. Also, you can't register and get a license plate
  • Be careful where you ride. Places other than public roads, such as private roads, forest roads, riverbeds, and beaches, where people and vehicles can freely enter and exit are considered roads and are in violation of the Road Traffic Law and the Road Transport Vehicle Law
  • Honda CRF110F is intended for use by persons weighing less than 45 kg

2022 Honda CRF110F Main Specifications

Common nameCRF110F
Vehicle name/modelホンダ・JE02
Total length (mm)1,540
Total Width (mm)675
Total height (mm)925
wheelbase (mm)1,065
Minimum ground clearance (mm)170
Seat height (mm)660
Vehicle weight (kg)77
Engine typeAir-cooled 4-stroke OHC single cylinder
Total Displacement (cm3 )109
Bore x Stroke (mm)50.0×55.6
Compression Ratio9.0
Fuel supply device typeElectronic [Electronically controlled fuel injection system (PGM-FI)] Throttle bore Φ19mm
Starting methodSelf-type (with kick type)
Ignition typeFull transistor battery ignition
Lubrication methodCombined pumping and splashing method
Fuel tank capacity (L)3.7
Clutch typeAutomatic centrifugal
Transmission typeConstantly combined 4-speed return (bottom neutral)
gear ratio1st gear2.615
2nd gear1.555
3 speed1.136
4 speed0.916
Reduction ratio (primary/secondary)4.058/2.714
Caster angle in degrees25° 30′
Trail amount (mm)53
TireFront70/100-14M/C 37J
Rear80/100-12 60J
Brake typeFrontmechanical leading/trailing
RearMechanical Leading/Trailing
Suspension methodFrontTelescopic cushion stroke 100mm
RearCantilever type axle travel 97mm
Frame FormatBackbone

*This main specification is as of August 2022.

Small bikes should be about maximizing fun and minimizing hassles. And that’s where the Honda CRF110F hits it out of the park on both counts. A step up from our CRF50F in both size and power, it still offers an automatic clutch to eliminate stalling, and a four-speed transmission that helps teach shifting control. Its durable single-cylinder engine and tough steel frame offer rock-solid reliability. Two big plusses in the no-hassle category are the electric starter (with backup kick starter), and fuel injection. Together, they make startups a lot easier, especially after a long storage. But the biggest plus of all? The smile that’s going to light up your young Red Rider’s face every time you go out. And for 2023, you can pick between our classic Honda Red and a new White color scheme.


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